Standard Wireless Magnetic Light Package Layout

Standard Wireless Magnetic Light Package Layout

Upgraded Wireless Magnetic Light Package Layout

The Control Box is compatible with Brandt & Meridian Factory Installed  Swing Auger Worklights and can be purchased separately*

The Wireless Magnetic Light has a variety of applications, although the most obvious use is on the intake tube of a swing auger to enable the hopper to be illuminated remotely from approaching trucks in the night.

The system consists of a magnetically mounted LED worklight, magnetically mounted control box and handheld RF transmitter. In addition to the handheld transmitter, the light can be turned on and off with a button on the control box. Also, the control box features an automatic shutdown so it will turn the worklight off after 1 hour if it is accidentally left on. An optional cable to connect the control box to the tractor lights for further integration is available for use with tractors that have the standard 7 pin socket. When the control box is connected to the tractor 7 pin socket, turning on the tractor lights will also turn on the magnetically mounted light. Furthermore, turning off the tractor lights will automatically signal the control box to turn off the light, even if it was activated from the remote. This feature has been built-in so that the user can turn on the magnetically mounted light remotely when approaching with the grain truck to provide better visual to back up to the auger. Then, once the user starts the tractor and turns on the tractor lights, the magnetically mounted light will remain on to unload. Once the user turns off the tractor lights the magnetically mounted light will also turn off automatically so the user does not need to separately turn off the magnetically mounted light with either the remote or the button on the control box before leaving. Additionally, the control box is internally wired so that when it is activated via the remote or button on the control box, it will only power the magnetic light and not back-feed power to the tractor lights (in the case the optional cord from the control box to the tractor is used). The purpose of this feature is to ensure that the tractor lights remain off and do not glare in the truck mirror when positioning the truck, although the magnetic light is on to illuminate the area of interest.

The magnetic light can be used directly with the optional cord to the tractor lights to provide auxiliary lighting for various other applications (without the control box or remote present) when additional lighting is desired, but remote activation isn’t required. In this case, the light is simply placed on any implement and the cord is run directly from the magnetic light to the tractor. With this setup the magnetic light will turn on and off with the tractor lights.

The control box and handheld RF transmitter can be used to control a factory installed light on many Brandt and Meridian swing augers. The control box has a “Y-harness” that simply plugs in-between the connectors of the factory installed worklight on the swing auger intake tube to enable it to be remotely activated, yet still function as it originally did. The control box will directly plug into most Brandt swing augers and there is a straightforward adapter cable available to place the Y-harness inline on Meridian swing augers.

To provide additionally user flexibility, up to 5 separate control boxes can be sync'd and controlled independently with a single remote.  Also, multiple remotes can be sync'd to the same control box(es) so if you had 2 trucks alternating going to the same auger, for example, they could both control the light with their own remote.