I have used an auger mounted full bin sensor for several years. The model I used before Laurie's Full-Bin Super Sensor was a real challenge. It had an infra red sensor which worked well when it worked. The problem was you never knew when it would. I had too many trips to the top of a bin to reattach the auger spout or to change shear pins when the auger plugged. I saw the ad for Laurie's product and after talking to him for a few minutes realized he had a passion
for providing a product he knew would work. I've used the Full-Bin Super Sensor for a season with no problems. It works all the time, is easy to install and simple. I wouldn't be farming without one. Thanks to Laurie and his wife for a Saskatchewan product that works.

-Bob Eyolfson (B.W. Seeds)

I purchased your bin super sensor and used it last fall. It worked absolutely perfect. It took all the stress out of hauling grain and you never have to climb another bin at night. We should have had this invention 30 years ago.

-Gary Patterson
Melfort, Sask.

In fall 2004 we ordered a Full-Bin Super Sensor from your company. Within a few days we got the order. After installing it, we were so satisfied that we ordered another three. Again it was only a few days until they arrived in Quebec. We then installed them in our silos, which was very easy to do. Usually, we had to check the silos manually during filling. Your sensors saved us a lot of time and muscle power. So we would like to thank you for your fast and convenient services. We would like you to know that we do recommend your sensors to everybody in Canada. They are reliable and they work 100% of the time.

-Anni and Willi, Ferme A. Hamelin Inc.

Great invention! I was a little skeptical at first but the Full-Bin Super Sensor has worked perfect.  Saves a lot of ladder climbing to check the bin. We liked it so much we put one on the air seeder fill auger. I would highly recommend this unit for any farm.

-Cliff Knowles

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