The package comes complete with 85 feet of wire and heavy-duty tie straps to hold the wire onto the auger*

This is the simple solution to direct your grain auger or conveyor into the bin; now you can see exactly where the auger spout is in relation to the bin opening.

The camera mount is specially designed with very powerful magnets (260 lbs) to adhere to grain auger tubes, combine augers, conveyors, etc..

The system can be easily removed for off season or for use in other applications.

The camera:

1. is waterproof and color with audio (headset), as well has a safety chain.

2. has 28 infrared illuminators allowing up to 32 feet of visibility in the dark
3. is built for industrial use.
4. comes with 7 inch color LCD monitor for your tractor (or combine, etc.), which also has an 80 lbs  magnetic base for ease of mounting.