How does it work?

When the grain comes to the top of the bin it tips the sensor causing the light (near the bottom of the auger) to come on. 

What Happens when some of the grain coming out of the spout hits the sensor?   Doesn't that turn the light on also?
No it will not. The sensor can swing back and forth and bounce up and down or vibrate. It will only turn the light on when it is tipped and held by the grain.

When the light goes on will I still have time to empty my auger out?

Yes. There is lots of adjustment on the chain from the downspout to the sensor. An example would be a 10 inch auger 70 feet long filling a 4000 bushel bin you would have 20 inches from the bottom of the downspout to the top of the sensor.

When the light goes on will I have to close my end gate on the truck real quick?
No. The grain will tip the sensor (turning the light on for a second or two) and then slide away from the sensor again. So the light will flash on and off several  times before it stays on continuously. This gives the operator plenty of time to prepare to close the endgate and empty the auger out.

How will I be able to see the light in the daylight?

The light is brighter than a signal light on a vehicle so that you can see it easily.

I would like to have a loud alarm so I could hear it as well as see it, is this possible?
Yes. We sell a 97db alarm as an option. Every light box comes complete with a plug-in for a magnetic, weatherproof alarm. It can be added at anytime. The alarm also has a weatherproof switch built-in so you can turn the noise off while you're finishing off filling the bin.

How is this Full-Bin Super Sensor powered?

It operates on 12 volt power. It can be hooked to your auger battery or 12 volts on your tractor or a separate 12 volt battery if you prefer.

How many amps does this unit require?
It draws 3 amps when fully on.

If I have a seed plant with a leg system and want to power the Full-Bin Super Sensor with 110V AC how do I do that?
You can purchase a 12 volt DC power pack (example - Canadian Tire). This power pack can be used to change 110 volt AC to 12 volt DC.

How do I know if there is power going to the unit until it's too late and I run the bin over?

There is a small indicator light in the top of the light box. When it lights up you know you have power to the unit.

Can this unit be used on any size and length of an auger or conveyor?
Yes. It can also be moved from a small auger to a larger one or vice versa. You do not have to purchase another unit.

Can this same unit be used on an air seeder?
Yes it can with some modifications. Please call for details.

Are these sensors used in any other applications?
They can and are being used to turn electric motors on and off for seed cleaning plants or grain leg operations.  They can also be used for grain dryers as a shut-off switch.

How many Full-Bin Super Sensors are actually being used out in the field?
Thousands of units have been sold in Canada, U.S.A, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions